About us

Today, the choice of consumers of medical services in the market is made in the absence of reliable information. In the vast majority of cases, the consumer chooses services using the word of mouth method, often receiving information in a distorted form or not having full access to it.

ANATOMICÁ is a magazine about the culture of health and how to change attitudes towards your health. The publication is designed to help everyone who needs it, and first of all, women: to acquire knowledge about health, beauty, to become more self-confident, to increase self-esteem, and at the same time to contribute to building a healthy society.

Editorial priority
One of the priority tasks of the magazine is to reveal the weaknesses and strengths of different treatment methods, procedures, drugs and much more to reduce the risk of unjustified expectations. The publication will cover issues of general medicine, clinical dermatology and cosmetology, the latest methods of cosmetology correction, plastic and reconstructive surgery, physiotherapy and hardware methods of treatment, medicine, longevity and quality of life.
ANATOMICÁ is a publication uniting professional and consumer audiences.
Medical tourism
Information in the magazine will help both our compatriot and the traveler
Decide on the choice of a way to improve your health in Uzbekistan. Being the visiting card of the NGO MEDTRAVEL GLOBAL SYSTEM, the publication actively promotes the national tourism product. On the pages you can find guides to specialized clinics that exist and are intensively developing in Uzbekistan.