Manage stress

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Stress is not always bad. But prolonged (chronic) stress can lead to health problems. Preventing chronic stress can reduce the risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and depression. It will also prevent memory impairment, difficulty in making decisions and the inability to enjoy.

You can avoid or reduce stress …

  • By planning affairs, tasks, goals

(compile lists and adequately evaluate the time you spend on doing things)

  • Priority problem-solving (important things should be done in the first place)

Preparing for stressful situations (pre-scroll through an unpleasant conversation in your head or think over a backup plan)

Physical signs of stress:

Back pain
Trouble sleeping
Stomach upset
Dramatic weight gain or weight loss
Frequent or severe prolonged colds
Constant muscle tension
Some stressful situations can be difficult to avoid, but you can always turn to affordable ways to deal with stress:

Time to rest
Activity and healthy eating
Meditations (help normalize breathing, relax muscles)
Conversations, meetings with friends and family
Qualified assistance
Stresses are a normal part of life right up until the moment when they begin to harm your health, and you can not cope with them on your own. Do not be afraid to seek the help of a psychologist — there is nothing shameful in this!
Celebrities who know how to manage stress
During stress, Kylie asks herself the question: “Will it really matter in a year, month or day?”

Kylie Jenner
American model, businesswoman
Emilia relieves stress by taking a bath that is filled with water at a temperature comfortable for the body, with salt and bath oils.
Emilia Clarke
British film and theater actress
Oprah deals with accumulated stress on Sundays. She allows herself to do nothing, just sit on the couch, read, or take a walk.
Oprah Winfrey
American TV presenter, actress
The pop queen prefers not to cycle through and let go of problematic situations and just watch the unfolding events.
American singer
The head of Tesla prefers clearly articulating the problems and proceeding to solve them.
Elon Musk
American engineer, entrepreneur

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