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The cost of one magazine is 65,000 soums.

The annual subscription for four issues is 260,000 soums.

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Purchase our magazine

Buying a magazine has become easier, because it is already in the city! Pace your order or go to points of sale:

1. In the Hair Health Center TRIONICA at the address: Mirabad district, st. Nukus 86/1 (Tashkent)

Contact number:

+9989 71 208-70-07

2. At the TOMATIS Center for Sensory Integration and Speech Development at the address: Yakkasaray district, st. Shohjahon and Imom-At-Termiziy (Tashkent)

Contact number:

+998 97 400-05-06

3. Tashkent, ave. Uzbekistan, 17 (Tsum landmark).

4. Mirzo Ulugbek district, C1, Mustakillik Avenue 6-7 (Detsky Mir landmark).

5. In the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Center for Therapy and Medical Rehabilitation (Semashko) — Yunusabad District, OSIYE Street (formerly KHURSHIDA), 4

6. Magazines can be found in the cities of Nukus, Samarkand, Almalyk and Karshi — tel. +998 98 115-95-95

7. Korzinka MVD, st. Yusuf Khos Khojib, 1A (in Turkmen) (Yakkasaray district)

8. Korzinka (stationery store) Shaikhontohur district, cross of the streets ABAY and A.KADIRI, 13

Going to purchase the magazine, do not forget to take a photo and tag us.