Cosmeceuticals: are the means in the cosmetologist’s office different from the store products?

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Answers Victoria Koreshkova, beautician.

Cosmeceuticals is a professional cosmetics used by cosmetologists in their work.

How do trademarks differ from mass-market cosmetics?

1. It takes up to three years to develop one product of a professional line: the components that will be included in the composition are carefully selected. This is to ensure that some components do not neutralize others.

2. Trademarks are certified, as they register their funds as medicinal.

3. Before releasing a professional product, clinical trials and tests are conducted.

4. Trademarks have the right to add active ingredients to cosmetics, but the mass market does not.

5. The components in professional cosmetics are more concentrated, for example acids.

Cosmeceuticals in their composition is more active, therefore it is not sold in cosmetic stores, as it requires a consultation with a cosmetologist and is selected individually for each patient. Serious complications may arise from the use of professional tools for other purposes.

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