5 principles of healthy lifestyle

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5 principles of a healthy lifestyle from fitness blogger Arnela Nikitina.
Elimination of harmful habits

Any dependencies in a person’s life are destructive, especially if these are bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs). The first and most important principle of healthy lifestyle is giving up bad habits. I do not have any.

Proper nutrition
Our well-being depends on a balanced and proper nutrition. Do you want to lose weight or gain weight, heal? Start with nutrition.
I advise to abandon sugar, flour, fast food, sausage products, semi-finished products. And it is not necessary to count calories and constantly weigh food. It is enough to approach wisely every meal, choosing healthy food.

Less stress

Try to handle your temper and not be distracted by provocations.

Due to stress and worries, diseases develop that destroy, suppress, prevent us from rejoicing, as a result, we stop appreciating what we have.

Personally, I pay attention to everything that surrounds me: a clear sky, my beloved and healthy family, delicious food. These are simple things, but they are what we need for happiness.
Active lifestyle

Physical activity is a healthy cardiovascular system, normal body mass, good mood, and resistance to stress. I’m talking about moderate sports, those that will bring us health, and not take it.

It is important to choose an activity that will bring you maximum pleasure from the process.

Get enough sleep, go to bed earlier and wake up before 9 in the morning.

When we do not get enough sleep, the body is in constant stress: we want to eat more than we need, we do not want to play sports and get tired more than usual.

P.S. Love yourself, accept yourself the way you are and be the better version of yourself!

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